Microeconomics : a critical companion /

A clear and concise exposition of mainstream microeconomics from a heterodox perspective.

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Author / Creator: Fine, Ben (Author)
Format: eBook Electronic
Imprint: London : Pluto Press, [2016]
Series:Political economy and development.
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Title Page; Copyright; Contents; List of Boxes; List of Diagrams; Preface, Preliminaries and Acknowledgements; 1 Locating Microeconomics; 1.1 Overview; 1.2 Microeconomics as History of Economic Thought; 1.3 From Marginalist Revolution ... ; 1.4 ... Through Methodology ... ; 1.5 ... To Implosion onto TA2; 1.6 From Implosion onto TA2 to Explosion into Economics Imperialism; 1.7 From Old to New Economics Imperialism; 1.8 Further Thoughts and Readings; 1.9 Appendix: Can the Mainstream be Defended?; 2 Elusive Consumers and the Theory of Demand; 2.1 Overview; 2.2 The Reduced Consumer.
  • 2.3 How Consumer Theory Got its Spots2.4 Consumer Theory Hoist by its Own Petard; 2.5 Consumer Theory as Economics Imperialism; 2.6 From Consumer Theory to Systems of Provision; 2.7 Broader Implications; 2.8 Further Thoughts and Readings; 3 From Production to Supply and Beyond to General Equilibrium?; 3.1 Overview; 3.2 Production and Cost Functions Rule, OK?; 3.3 General Equilibrium: A Fantasy Glass, Half Empty or Half Full?; 3.4 Further Thoughts and Readings; 4 Competition Is as Competition Does?; 4.1 Overview; 4.2 Perfect Entry and Exit, and Monopoly; 4.3 From Monopoly to Oligopoly.
  • 4.4 A Little Game Theory4.5 A Simple Model of Entry Deterrence; 4.6 Collusion; 4.7 Discriminating Models; 4.8 Path Dependence; 4.9 The Coase 'Theorem'; 4.10 Towards Alternatives; 4.11 Further Thoughts and Readings; 5 Production Function Rules, Not OK; 5.1 Overview; 5.2 The Aggravating Aggregate Production Function; 5.3 Total Factor Productivity; 5.4 Measuring Something Called TFP in Practice; 5.5 From Mismeasurement to Misinterpretation; 5.6 Further Thoughts and Readings; 6 Labour Markets; 6.1 Overview; 6.2 From Labour as Fish ... ; 6.3 ... To Human Capital Theory; 6.4 Imperfect Labour Markets.
  • 6.5 Risk and Uncertainty6.6 Debating Minimum Wages; 6.7 Towards Alternatives: Segmented Labour Markets; 6.8 Further Thoughts and Readings; 7 Whither Microeconomics: Upside-Down or Inside-Out?; 7.1 Overview; 7.2 From Microeconomics to Industrial Policy; 7.3 Further Thoughts and Readings; References; Index.