Iconoclastic theology : Gilles Deleuze and the secretion of atheism /

F. LeRon Shults explores Deleuze's fascination with theological themes and shows how his entire corpus can be understood as a creative atheist machine that liberates thinking, acting and feeling. Shults also demonstrates how the flow of a productive atheism can be increased by bringing Deleuzia...

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Author / Creator: Shults, F. LeRon (Author)
Format: eBook Electronic
Imprint: Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2014]
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Table of Contents:
  • Acknowledgments
  • List of Abbreviations
  • 1. Hammering Theology
  • The Science of Non-Existing Entities
  • Anti-Oedipus, Anti-Christ
  • Anthropomorphic Promiscuity and Sociographic Prudery
  • Sacerdotal and Iconoclastic Trajectories
  • The Secrets of Theism
  • 2. Breaking Theological Icons
  • The Inversion of Platonism
  • Christ as the Image of God
  • Anthropomorphic Prudery and Sociographic Promiscuity
  • Kant and the Genitality of Experience
  • Spinoza and the Vertigo of Immanence
  • Nietzsche and the Rising of the Simulacra
  • Overturning Religious Eigures
  • 3. Loosening Theological Chains
  • The Dogmatic Image of Thought
  • Christ as the Logos of God
  • The First Shackle: Analogy of Judgment
  • The Second Shackle: Identity in the Concept
  • The Third Shackle: Opposition of Predicates
  • The Fourth Shackle: Resemblance in Perception
  • The Liberation of Thinking
  • 4. Releasing Theological Events
  • Paradox and Becoming
  • Christ as the Incarnation of God
  • The Aleatory Point
  • The Line of the Aion
  • The Metaphysical Surface
  • Sexuality and Pious Intentions
  • The Liberation of Acting
  • 5. Assembling Theological Machines
  • Desiring-Machines
  • Christ as the Judgment of God
  • Theology and the Territorial Machine
  • Theology and the Despotic Machine
  • Theology and the Capitalist Machine
  • Theology and the War Machine
  • The Liberation of Feeling
  • 6. Secreting Atheism
  • The Production of Atheism
  • The Gospel According to Deleuze
  • The Forces of Theology
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index