What we made : conversations on art and social cooperation /

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Author / Creator: Finkelpearl, Tom.
Format: Book
Imprint: Durham [N.C.] ; London : Duke University Press, 2013.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: The art of social cooperation : an American framework
  • Cooperation goes public: Consequences of a gesture and 100 victories/10,000 tears : interview / Daniel Joseph Martinez, artist, and Gregg M. Horowitz, philosophy professor. Chicago Urban Ecology Action Group : follow-up interview / Naomi Beckwith, participant
  • Museum, education, cooperation: Memory of surfaces : interview / Ernesto Pujol, artist, and David Henry, museum educator
  • Overview: Temporary coalitions, mobilized communities, and dialogue as art : interview / Grant Kester, art historian
  • Social vision and a cooperative community: Project row houses : interview / Rick Lowe, artist, and Mark Stern, professor of social history and urban studies
  • Participation, planning, and a cooperative film: Blot out the sun : interview / Harrell Fletcher, artist, and Ethan Seltzer, professor of urban studies and planning. Blot out the sun : follow-up interview / Jay Dykeman, collaborator
  • Education art: Cátedra Arte de Conducta : interview / Tania Bruguera, artist. Cátedra Arte de Conducta : follow-up interview / Claire Bishop, art historian
  • A political alphabet: Arabic alphabet : interview / Wendy Ewald, artist, and Sondra Farganis, political scientist
  • Crossing borders: Transnational, community-based production, cooperative art, and informal trade networks : interview / Pedro Lasch, artist, and Teddy Cruz, architect
  • Spirituality and cooperation: Unburning Freedom Hall and The Packer School project : interview / Brett Cook, artist, and Mierle Laderman Ukeles, artist. The Seer Project : interview / Lee Mingwei, artist
  • Interactive Internet communication: White Glove Tracking : interview / Evan Roth, artist. White Glove Tracking : follow-up interview / Jonah Peretti, contagious media pioneer.