Zines in third space : radical cooperation and borderlands rhetoric /

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Author / Creator: Licona, Adela C.
Format: Book
Imprint: Albany : State University of New York Press, [2012]
Table of Contents:
  • List of Illustrations
  • Acknowledgments for the Gifts of Knowledge
  • Chapter 1. Borderlands Rhetorics and Third-Space Sites
  • Recognizing Borderlands Rhetorics in Zines as Third-Space Sites
  • Borderlands Peregrinations: Traveling beyond Borders and Binaries into Third Space
  • Third-Space Imaginary, Coalitional Consciousness, and Zines
  • Reading, Writing, and Re-presenting as Potentially Transformational Practices
  • Exploring Third-Space Zines and the Chapters to Follow
  • Chapter 2. The Role of Imagination in Challenging Everyday Dominations: Articulation at Work in Producing Antiracist and Egalitarian Social Agendas
  • Community Scribes: Lived and Relational Knowledges and Community Literacies
  • Code Switching and the Identification of One An-Other
  • Academic and Nonacademic Third-Space Sites of The Politics and Practices of Articulation
  • Chapter 3. Embodied Intersections: Reconsidering Subject Formation beyond Binary Borders
  • Reversals and Refractions: Shattering the Normal(izing) Gaze
  • REVERSO: Re-Views and Re-Considerations
  • Embodied Resistance and Coalitional Subjectivity
  • Embodied Knowledge as Practice and Power
  • Chapter 4. Queer-y-ing Consumption and Production: Critical Inquiries and Third-Space Subversions
  • Reconfiguring the Objects and Subjects of Consumption and Production: Brrls in the Material World
  • Queer-y-ing Corporatized Knowledges: Revised Practices of Consumption and Production
  • Queer-y-ing Histories: Dissident Performances and Discourses
  • Re-configuring Relations and Imagining Alternatives
  • Queer-y-ing the Cycles of Production and Consumptions: Third-Space Thrifting, Second-Order Consumption, and Trades
  • The Re(in)Formed and Conscientious Consumer and Producer
  • Chapter 5. Epilogue: Third-Space Theory and Borderlands Rhetorics
  • Applied Theory and the Everyday
  • Third-Space Peregrinations and Lived Borderlands Rhetorics
  • Why Zines/Why Now: Unleashing Radical (Rhetorical) Third-Space Potentials
  • Entremundista: Third-Space Navigations and Zines as Familiar Terrain
  • Notes
  • Works Cited
  • Index