Commerce in culture : the Sibao book trade in the Qing and Republican periods /

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Author / Creator: Brokaw, Cynthia Joanne.
Format: Book
Imprint: Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Asia Center : Distributed by Harvard University Press, 2007.
Series:Harvard East Asian monographs ; 280.
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Table of Contents:
  • Tables, Maps, and Figures
  • Notes to the Reader
  • 1. Introduction: The Sibao Book Trade and Qing Society
  • The Expansion of Commercial Publishing in the Qing
  • Sources for the Study of Sibao Publishing-Bookselling
  • Part I. The Business of Book Publishing and Bookselling in Sibao
  • 2. The Setting: Minxi and Sibao
  • Minxi
  • Sibao and the Zou and Ma Lineages
  • 3. The Origins of Publishing and the Production of Books in Sibao
  • The Beginnings of Publishing in Wuge and Mawu
  • The History of the Zou and Ma Publishing houses: An Overview
  • Producing Books in Sibao
  • Conclusion
  • 4. The Structure of the Sibao Publishing Industry
  • Publishing Houses as Household Industries Within the Zou and Ma Lineages
  • The Income from Publishing-Bookselling
  • The Use of Earnings
  • 5. "We are all brothers": Household Division, the Proliferation of Publishing Houses, and the Management of Competition
  • Family Division and the Development of New Publishing Houses
  • Managing Intra-Lineage Competition Among Publishing Households: Customary Rules and Practices
  • Managing Inter-Lineage Competition
  • 6. Sibao Bookselling Routes
  • The Book Market in Sibao
  • Bookselling Networks Outside Sibao
  • The Pattern of Sibao Bookselling: Why They Went Where They Went
  • Conclusion
  • 7. Sojourning Bookselling and the Operation of the Branch Shops
  • Life on the Road: Itinerant Bookselling
  • Branch Bookstores
  • 8. Sibao's "Confucian Merchants" in Minxi Society and the Late Imperial Economy
  • "Confucian Merchants": The Image of the Sibao Publisher-Booksellers
  • The Zou and Ma Publishing Families as Local Gentry
  • The Sibao Publisher-Booksellers in the Late Imperial Economy
  • Part II. Sibao Imprints
  • 9. The Nature and Sources of Sibao Imprints
  • Overview of Sibao's Output
  • The Sources of Sibao Texts
  • 10. Educational Works
  • Primers and Glossaries for Beginning Students
  • Beyond "Primer Literacy": Supplemental Texts for Elementary Education
  • Textbooks for Composition
  • Poetry Anthologies and Manuals
  • The Heart of the Curriculum: The Classics
  • Beyond the Four Books and Five Classics
  • Conclusion
  • 11. Guides to Good Manners, Good Health, and Good Fortune
  • Household Encyclopedias and Guides to the Rituals of Daily Life
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Manuals
  • Guides to Good Fortune: Almanacs, Fengshui and Divination Manuals, and Morality Books
  • Conclusion
  • 12. Fiction and Belles-Lettres
  • Fiction
  • Drama and Songbooks
  • The Elite Arts: Poetry Collections and Calligraphy and Painting Albums
  • Conclusion
  • 13. Sibao's Customers and Popular Textual Culture in the Qing
  • Audience and the Prices of Sibao Imprints
  • The Production Quality of Sibao Imprints
  • Sibao and Popular Textual Culture
  • The Stability of Sibao's Popular Canon
  • 14. The Diffusion of Print Culture in Qing China
  • Sibao in Context: Other Commercial Publishing Sites of the Qing
  • The Circulation of Texts in the Qing
  • The Book Culmres of the Qing
  • Literacy, Social Status, and Political Power
  • Appendixes
  • A. Transport Routes Within the Min-Gan-Yue Region
  • B. Value of Woodblocks from the Juxian tang and Dawen tang, 1897
  • C. Genealogical Charts
  • D. Sibao Publishing Houses and Publisher-Booksellers
  • E. Sites of Sibao Bookselling and the Zou and Ma Booksellers
  • F. Sites of Zou and Ma Migration in the Qing
  • G. List of Sibao Imprints
  • Reference Matter
  • Works Cited
  • Index