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by Kaplan, Yosef.
Imprint 2004
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Several papers; some of them given forth by George Fox; others by Jame [sic] Nayler, minister of the eternal word of God, raised up after the long night of apostacy to direct the world, to wait for the revelation of Jesus Christ, and to turn their minds to the true light, that they may be reconciled to God; of the world is not worthy, and therefore doth hate, persecute, and whom inprison them, under the name of Quakers. Gathered together and published by A.P. that the truth may be spread abroad, and deceit be discovered. Wherein the plain, honest, and sober conversation of the saints in fear and trembling, is justified, against the idle bablings of formal professors (the wicked fashions and heathenish customs of this nation) and of all sorts of persons, under pretence of civility. Also the priests of England, with their imaginary doctrines and worships discovered to be the grand enemies of Jesus Christ; and the true worship of God in spirit and truth made manifest. Also the occasion of divers scandals concerning the scriptures, baptism, Lords Supper, resurrection, magistracy and ministry, cast upon them by the priests, removed. With a word to the people of England, who in several forms have long flattered themselves with their ministry,; churches, and ordinances; but upon tryall, are found to be the synagogues of Satan, persecutors of the truth, and enemies of the gospel. And a few queries propounded to Tho. Ledgard of Newcastle, or any of those he ranks with himself, under the notion of Anti-Quakers.
by Fox, George, 1624-1691.
Imprint 1654
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