Chinese funerary biographies : an anthology of remembered lives /

"Tens of thousands of epitaphs or funerary biographies survive from imperial China. Written to be engraved on stone and placed in a grave, they typically focus on the deceased's biographical information and exemplary words and deeds, expressing survivors' longing for the dead. Epitaph...

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Other Authors / Creators:Ebrey, Patricia Buckley, 1947- editor.
Yao, Ping (Professor of history), editor.
Zhang, Cong, 1967- editor.
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Imprint: Seattle : University of Washington Press, [2019]
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Table of Contents:
  • A gentleman without office : epitaph for the scholar residing at home Wei Xiongfei (1130-1207) / by Wei Liaoweng (1178-1237) ; translated by Mark Halperin
  • Wives and in-laws : funerary inscription for [my father-in-law] Mr. Zou of Fengcheng (Zou Yilong, 1204-1255) and funerary inscription for [my wife] Madame Plum Mansion (zou Miaozhuang, 1230-1257) / by Yao Mian (1216-1262) ; translated by Beverly Bossler
  • A clerk promoted to official under the Mongols : funerary inscription for Mr. Su (Su Zhidao, 1261-1320), director of the left and right offices of the branch secretariat for the Lingbei region / by Yu Ji (1271-1348) ; translated by Patricia Buckley Ebrey
  • A Mongol rising to the defense of the realm : epitaph for grand guardian Sayin Idaqu (1317-1365) / by Zhang Zhu (1287-1368) / translated by Tomoyasu Iiyama
  • A merchant aspiring to gentlemanly virtue : funerary biography of the gentleman residing at home Cheng Weiqing (1531-1588) / by Wang Shizhen (1526-1590) ; translated by Yongtao Du
  • A Ming general turned warlord : the General Mao Wenlong (1579-1629) / by Mao Qiling (1623-1716) ; translated by Xing Hang
  • A brother remembers his sister : the epitaph of my sister Madam Fang (1600-1668) / by Qian Chengzhi (1612- 1698) ; translated by Martin Huang
  • A Chinese bannerman expert in waterworks : epitaph for Jin Fu (1633-1692), director-general of river conservancy / by Wang Shizhen (1634-1711) ; translated by R. Kent Guy
  • A woman determined to die : epitaph for the joint burial of Scholar Wu (1666-1687) and his martyred wife Madame Dai (1666-1687) / by Mao Qiling (1623-1716) ; translated by Jolan Yi
  • A wife's sacrifices : a living epitaph of my wife Madame Sun (1769-1833) / by Fang Dongshu (1772-1851) ; translated by Weijing Lu
  • A wife's moving tribute : epitaph for Zeng Yong (1813-1862) / by Zuo Xijia (1831-1896) ; translated by Grace S. Fong.
  • Three short eastern Han funerary biographies : epitaphs for Ma Jiang (34-106), Wu Zhongshan (ca. 92-172), and Kong Dan (fl. 182) / translated by Ping Yao and Patricia Ebrey
  • A Chinese general serving the northern Wei state : entombed epitaph for the late Wei dynasty overseer of military affairs, Sima Yue (462-508) / translated by Timothy Davis
  • A twice-widowed Xianbei princess : epitaph with preface for the Great Enlightenment Temple nun surnamed Yuan (475-529) / translated by Jender Lee
  • Authoring one's own epitaph : self-authored epitaph / by Wang Ji (590-644) ; Inscription dictated while near death / by Wang Xuanzong (633-686) ; translated by Alexei Kamran Ditter
  • Wives commemorating their husbands : epitaph for Cao Yin (fl. 7th century) / by Madame Zhou (fl. 7th century) ; Epitaph for He Jian (686-742) / by Madame Xin (fl. 742) ; translated by Ping Yao
  • A married daughter and a grandson : entombed funerary inscription for my daughter the late Madame Dugu (785-815) and entombed record for my grandson (803-815) who died young (Quan Shunsun, 803-815) / by Quan Deyu (759-818) ; translated by Anna Shields
  • A nun who lived through the Huichang persecution of Buddhism : epitaph for Daoist nun (Zhi Zhijian, 812-861) / by Zhi Mo (fl. 860) ; translated by Ping Yao
  • An envoy serving the Kitan Liao Son of Heaven : epitaph for Han Chun (d. 1035), court ceremonial commissioner / by Li Wan (fl. 1012-1036) ; translated by Lance Pursey
  • Epitaphs made widely available : funerary biographies for three men of Luzhou: Liang Jian (d. 1042), Wang Cheng (d. 1042), and Chen Hou (1065-1123) / translated by Man Xu
  • A friend and political ally : funerary inscription for Mr. Culai (Shi Jie, 1005-1045) / by Ouyang Xiu (1007-1072) ; translated by Cong Ellen Zhang
  • Preserving a father's memory : funerary inscription for Chao Juncheng (1029-1075) / by Huang Tingjian (1045-1105) / translated by Cong Ellen Zhang.