Table of Contents:
  • Acknowledgements; List of Plates; List of Figures; Introduction: 'the lucid atmosphere of fine Cathay'; 1: China and the Formation of the Modernist Aesthetic Ideal; 2: Shared Affinities: Katherine Mansfield, Ling Shuhua and Virginia Woolf; 3: Roger Fry, Chinese Art and The Burlington Magazine; 4: Chinese Artistic Influences on the Vorticists in London; 5: The Idea of the Chinese Garden and British Aesthetic Modernism; 6: 'Beautiful, baleful absurdity': Chinoiserie and Modernist Ballet; 7: Fashion, Chinoiserie and Modernism.
  • 8: The Oriental and the Music Hall: Sound and Space in Thomas Burke's Limehouse Chinatown9: Staging China, Excising the Chinese: Lady Precious Stream and the Darker Side of Chinoiserie; 10. Chinoiserie: An Unrequited Architectural Affair; Notes on Contributors; Index.