Moscow : governing the socialist metropolis /

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Author / Creator: Colton, Timothy J., 1947-
Format: Book
Imprint: Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1995.
Series:Russian Research Center studies ; 88.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Frontier Town into Metropolis Rude Origins
  • The Partial Modernization of Local Institutions
  • The Revolutionary Alternative Red Moscow 1917
  • Dilemmas of Power Urban Policy under War
  • Communism Governing the Garrison From Reurbanization to Hyperurbanization
  • The Urban NEP Casting the Institutional Die Feeling the Approach of Socialism Factory of Plans Stalin's Moscow
  • Socialist Reconstruction Power Play Governance in the Stalinist Manner
  • The Two Cities
  • The Limits of De-Stalinization Khrushchev
  • Moscow for the Masses
  • Less of the Same Command Government Perpetuated Moscow and the Hydra State
  • The Politics of Basic Needs and of Urban Amenity Planning for Metropolitan Development Housing
  • A City for All Hours of the Day Environmental Concerns
  • The Mold Shattered
  • The Change to Change
  • The Democratic Impulse
  • A Stunning Election Exit the Partocracy Toward a Post-Socialist Metropolis
  • The Minefield of Democratic Consolidation
  • Reinventing Metropolitan Institutions Urban Development after Socialism Making a Civic Community
  • Appendix: The Population of Moscow
  • Appendix: Composition and Administrative Structure of the Municipal and Communist Party Organs of Soviet Moscow
  • Appendix: Careers of Municipal and Communist Party Officials in Soviet Moscow
  • Appendix: Housing Construction and Supply in Soviet Moscow
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index Figures
  • Kremlin, c. 1880
  • Chudov Monastery, c. 1880
  • Assumption Cathedral, c. 1880
  • St. Basil's Cathedral, c. 1880
  • Simonov Monastery, c. 1925
  • Sukharev Tower, c. 1880
  • Red Gates, c. 1880
  • Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer, c. 1885
  • Bol'shoi Theater, c. 1880
  • Flophouse in Khitrov Market, c. 1900
  • Rally welcoming Bolshevik government to Moscow, March 1918
  • Liberty Obelisk and Moscow Soviet building, c. 1925
  • Boris Sakulin's regional plan, 1918
  • May Day subbotnik in Kremlin, 1920
  • Members of Moscow Soviet leaving for Civil War front, 1919
  • Sukharevskii Market, 1925
  • Homeless children, early 1920s
  • Restoration of Golitsyn villa, 1925
  • Workers' housing at Usachevka, 1930
  • Government House residence on Moskva River Kremlin infirmary, ulitsa Vozdvizhenka Lenin Mausoleum, lineup on anniversary of Lenin's death, 1931
  • Rusakov Club Izvestiya newspaper building Commune house on Khavskaya ulitsa, 1930
  • Aleksei Shchusev's New Moscow plan, 1925
  • Greater Moscow plan, by Sergei Shestakov, 192S
  • Nikolai Ladovskii's "dynamic city," 1930
  • Moscow and "workers' colonies," by German Krasin, 1930
  • Sketch by G. B. Puzis, 1930
  • Pantaleimon Golosov's labile planning concept, 1930
  • Stanislav Strumilin's proposal for a decentralized Moscow, 1930
  • Le Corbusier's radical vision of Moscow, 1930
  • Underground workers building the first segment of the subway, 1934
  • Architects' rendering of the Palace of Soviets and surrounding area Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer during removal of cladding, 1931
  • Official rally at site of demolished cathedral, early 1932
  • Tearing down Kitaigorod Wall, 1934
  • Planning sketch by V. B. Kratyuk, 1932
  • Ernst May's image of Moscow and outlying "city c"