Machiavelli : the Prince /

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Uniform title:Principe.
Author / Creator: Machiavelli, Niccolò, 1469-1527.
Format: Book
Imprint: Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1988.
Series:Cambridge texts in the history of political thought.
Table of Contents:
  • Editor+s note
  • Introduction
  • Principals events in Machiavelli+s life
  • Bibliographical note
  • Translator+s note
  • Map
  • Dedicatory letter
  • 1. The different kinds of principality and how they are acquired
  • 2. Hereditary principalities
  • 3. Mixed principalities
  • 4. Why the Kingdom of Darius, conquered by Alexander, did not rebel against his successors after Alexander+s death
  • 5. How one should govern cities or principalities that, before being conquered, used to live under their own laws
  • 6. New principalities acquired by one's own arms and ability
  • 7. New principalities acquired through the power of others and their favour
  • 8. Those who become rulers through wicked means
  • 9. The civil principality
  • 10. How the strength of all principalities should be measured
  • 11. Ecclesiastical principalities
  • 12. The different types of army, and mercenary troops
  • 13. Auxiliaries, mixed troop and negative troops
  • 14. How a ruler should act concerning military matters
  • 15. The things for which men, and especially rulers, are praised or blamed
  • 16. Generosity and meanness
  • 17. Cruelty and mercifulness; and whether it is better to be loved or feared
  • 18. How rulers should keep their promises
  • 19. How contempt and hatred should be avoided
  • 20. Whether building fortresses, and many other things that rulers frequently do, are useful or not
  • 21. How a ruler should act in order to gain reputation
  • 22. The secretaries of rulers
  • 23. How flatterers should be shunned
  • 24. Why the rulers of Italy have lost their states
  • 25. How much power fortune has over human affairs, and how it should be resisted
  • 26. Exhortation to liberate Italy from the Barbarian yoke
  • Appendixes
  • Bibliographical notes
  • Index of subjects
  • Index of proper names