Shifting ground the changing agricultural soils of China and Indonesia /

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Author / Creator: Lindert, Peter H.
Format: Electronic eBook
Imprint: Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2000.
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Table of Contents:
  • Machine generated contents note: Preface
  • I Judging Soil Trends
  • 1. Current Concerns
  • Alarm Bells
  • What Soil Degradation Means
  • The Importance of Soil Chemistry
  • The Road Ahead
  • 2. Previous Evidence
  • Surveys of Degraded Land Areas: The Still-Life as a Documentary Film
  • Guesswork on Erosion
  • Changes in Cultivated Area
  • Lessons from Experiments
  • Hints from Good Eclectic Histories
  • Summary Diagnosis
  • 3. Beginning a New Soil History
  • Global Data from the Twenty-First Century
  • Mining the Twentieth-Century Record
  • A Statistical Strategy for Separating Time from Space
  • In Search of Errors
  • II China
  • 4. Soil Changes in China since the 1930s
  • Physical Background
  • The Resulting Equations
  • Soil Trends in North China
  • Soil Trends in South China
  • Interpreting the Trends in Soil Nutrients
  • Summary
  • 5. China's Soil-Agriculture Interactions
  • Simultaneous Feedbacks: The Conceptual Task
  • Designing a Simultaneous System to Fit China in the 1980s
  • The Determinants of Agricultural Yields
  • Feedbacks from Agriculture to the Soil
  • 6. The Quality and Quantity of China's Cultivated Soils
  • Soil Quality since the 1930s: A First Guess
  • Cultivated Area
  • China's Net Soil Investment since the 1930s
  • Three Lingering Concerns
  • Summary
  • III Indonesia
  • 7. A Half Century of Soil Change in Indonesia
  • Preparing the Raw Materials
  • Revealing the Patterns Statistically
  • Soil Trends on Java
  • Soil Trends and the Settlement Process on the Outer Islands
  • Signs of Erosion?
  • The Geography of Indonesia's Soil Chemistry
  • Summary
  • 8. Consequences for Indonesian Agriculture
  • Alternative Approaches
  • The Impact of Soils on Agricultural Productivity in 1990
  • Fertilizer as a Substitute for Soil Quality
  • Indonesia's Net Investment in Soils, 1940-1990
  • IV Conclusions and Implications
  • 9. What Have We Done to the Land?
  • On Trends in Soil Characteristics
  • On Their Causes
  • On Changes in Cultivated Land Area
  • Consequences
  • Postscript: Trends versus Potential in Soil Management
  • Appendix A: Full Soil History Regression Equations for China
  • Appendix B: Soil Chemistry Averages by Province, China,
  • 1981-1986
  • Appendix C: Fuller Simultaneous-Equation Estimates of China's
  • Soil-Agriculture System in the 1980s
  • Appendix D: Full Regression Equation Estimates for the
  • Determinants of Soil Chemistry in Indonesia, 1923-1990
  • Notes
  • References
  • Index.