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A new discovery of the prelates tyranny, in their late prosecutions of Mr William Pryn, an eminent Lawyer; Dr. Iohn Bastwick, a learned physitian; and Mr. Henry Burton, a reverent divine. Wherein the separate, and joynt proceedings against them in the high-commission, and Star Chamber; their petitions, speeches, cariages, at the hearing, and execution of their last sentence, and the orders, letters for, and manner of their removes to, and close imprisonments in the Castles of Lanceston, Lancaster, Carnarvan, and Isles of Sylly, Garnsey and Jersy; the proceeddings against the Chestermen, and others before the lords and high commissioners at Yorke for visiting Mr. Prynne; the Bishop of Chesters order, for ministers to preach against M. Prynne, and the Yorke Commissioners decree to deface, and burne his pictures at Chester high-Crosse. The House of Commons order for, and manner of their returnes from exile; their petitions to the Parliament; the votes of the Commons house upon the report of their cases, declaring the proceedings and censures against them illegall, groundlesse, and against the subjects liberty, with M. Prynnes argument, proving all the parts of his censures, with the proceedings against him, and his Chester friends at York, to be against law; are truly related; for the benefit of the present age, and of posterity.
by Prynne, William, 1600-1669.
Imprint 1641
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